It’s known fact, that the only way to perform the work successfully is to enjoy it. Of course, there are different way to reach this goals for brokers, who offer trading services: offer rare type of deals, open access to rare companies, provide analytical tools, develop loyalty programs and so on. Variety of possible operations to be performed is one of key parameters aimed to make any work more interesting and less pesky. This is way most of providers of services for trading focused on extension of assets and deals offered to users.

Options for trading

IQ Option platform offers all popular tools for trading, such as:

  1. Contracts for differences, that are concentrated on getting significant spreads appearing on difference in price of a basic asset. Such contracts assume purchasing of an asset at the time of declines in prices and selling them at the time of price increase. Task for trader is to analyze trends and predict such lowest and highest picks in order to reach maximum earnings.
  2. Binary options. These such of operations are based on the prediction and considers minimum risk (limited to the invested funds). The purpose is to buy an asset at the current price and predict possible changes in a certain time period: decrease or increase in prices at specified time. The remuneration is fixed and trader should be aware of the certain amount of change. Deal is successful in case the direction of variation was predicted correctly.
  3. Digital options – type of binary options with the difference, that price, at which basic assets will be bought can be selected by trader: there is a range for choice.
  4. FX Options – options related to operations with currencies.

Benefits from trading binary options

Reasons, caused high popularity of binary options are come down to the following:

  1. Relatively simple analysis required. Experienced traders know, that to deal without any previous analytics can be risky. Anyway, it is much easier to determine possible outcome in case of few parameters to be predicted.
  2. Low risks. The amount to be invested is the only sum that is possible to lose. In the worst scenarios no additional loses will be incurred. In the best – the fixed amount of gain will be received. This is why binary options are also called “All or nothing”.
  3. Diversity of assets to be chosen for desired operations: different indices, goods (oil, gold, commodities, stocks and even currencies.


Binary options trading is a simple tool offered by IQ Options provider for the users, who appreciate risk secured operations and are willing to trader without significant losses. This option is popular, because doesn’t require deep analysis and considers worthy remuneration, although without researches and appropriate strategy should be considered.