Online investments become popular within years. It provides freedom without requirement of sitting in office full of noise colleagues and spend too much time being on the road. But except freedom, opportunity to earn decent funds for feeling confident and comfort appears. Significant amount of traders started to earn from different cozy islands, being in a same time at work and on holiday. Of course, to become such trader experience, good command of judgement and a little bit luck is required. Additionally, the partner to work with should be reliable and loyal to users. Let’s learn main treats of a good partner on examples of IQ Option versus 24Option descriptions.

Brief information

These are two Cypriot brokers helping traders in realizing their potential on international market for nine (24Option) and six (IQ Option) years. Both approved by CySEC and FCA (main Cyprus regulators of finance operations). Nevertheless, amount of users, who prefer 24Option service comprises from 6,000 thousand, while IQ Option is a preferable broker for 12,000 thousand traders, although last one is “younger”.

What can be chosen for investments?

These companies propose to make choice between more than 50 different assets. Traders are able operate foreign currencies, CFD, indices, stocks and valuable goods. Obviously, considering naming, specialization of these brokers is focused on options dealing and Contracts for difference. Considerable difference is amount of added pairs regarding forex: IQ Option added over 85, while 24 Option only 35.


There are few types of work for persons, who is devoted to trading:

  • Simulation of office work, that is chosen by traders, who like working in own cabinet at home or co-working spaces via personal computer or lap in certain hours and for specified time periods. This considers using Browser or uploaded platform, that allows faster processing of requests in efficient way, because of lowest load on remote servers.

24Option offers MT4 (standard program used) and online trading resource.

IQ Option provides all above mentioned and platform installed directly to a computer.

  • participating in operations from time to time using TAB/smartphone, that is quite comfortable being in a trip, main job in free hours, if any, or some meetings, that allows to do that. Sometimes emergency access to account is required in order to update news and apply some necessary changes to influence deal in a more profitable way. Both brokers propose mobile versions of trading platforms.


For first and further operations regarding replenishment of own balance minimum amounts are: only $10 required by IQ Option versus $250 needed for starting with 24 Option.

For dealing, the lowest funds to enter respectively for IQ Option/24 Option are $1 and $25.

For withdrawal there are no limitations for both.

Fees and Commissions on withdrawals for IQ Option determined by operation brought gain only in case of wire transfers. For example, amount rage is 25-50 EUR is applicable for IQ Option. Larger ranges for 24 Option: more than 3% for banking cards and other e-valets and 24 EUR for transfers.  


Bonus. Although, there are no material bonuses at all from analyzed brokers. But there’re benefits given to newcomers (less experienced ones to trade) distinguished opportunities. IQ Option offers free study materials available for all registered users and some exclusive materials VIP accounts users, it’s competitor 24 Option made access graduation to lectures, fully depended on account type. Support from consultants is provided for users of these providers.

Games. Of course, trading relates to serious business, but it’s known fact, that elements of the game or competition motivate to develop skills and work harder. This is why and for showing loyalty for users IQ option offers Tournaments with cash remuneration. No such preferences from 24 Option noted.


Key treats that should be considered during partner’s selections are proposed below. The way to compare is also given in order to make easy the analysis. Demo accounts are, anyway, the best choice to test new broker selected and its promises given via marketing campaign.